​American Fuel Vehicles
Drive clean = save green!                       Salt Lake City, UT ::: Steamboat Springs, CO


"We offer a healthy lifestyle that efficiently delivers Cleaner, Safer, Local Renewable Energy to communities in an Ecolonomic model."

RE+Fuel stations are a creative collaboration and one stop shop for a healthy lifestyle and an environmental clean energy solution that promotes a new business model of Multi-Fuel stations selling hydrogen, natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, electric vehicle charging, propane, Multi-Fuel vehicles and bicycles. We service, convert and provide turn-key, American Fuel Vehicles that utilize any fuel of your choice. We provide a rejuvenating lounge atmosphere that nourishes the mind, body and soul. Our renewable energy educators present all energy options, applications and products for sale and installation. Our cafe provides local goods, organic food and produce from the rooftop victory garden that supports our community.

The vision of RE+Fuel is to embrace and promote the philosophy of multiple renewable fuel sources to satisfy Humans energy demands on this planet. Therefore, we are fuel source neutral and believe that renewability must be achieved to sustain life into the future. We also believe in creating high standards to promote quality fuels. Conversion to renewable fuels and energy resources including hydrogen, natural gas, biodiesel, ethanol, electric, propane, solar, hydro electric, geothermal and wind power yields immediate air quality benefits and potentially eliminates the need to import fuel. We assert that it is each individual's responsibility to conserve resources and be good stewards of our planet's healthy environment. We therefore believe that a grass roots, educational effort led by a collection of individuals to promote self-sufficiency will lead by positive example how to live on the Earth utilizing locally sourced fuels.

RE+Fuel embraces and promotes the philosophy of Multi-Fueled vehicles in a flex-fuel configuration. Specifically, hydrogen, methane, biodiesel, ethanol, electric and propane.

Combining the fuel store with service center, cafe, convenience store, local goods, renewable energy products, dealership lot and connecting it all in the center of communities will be the first stepping stone toward the re-development of the current energy consumption model, thus allowing us to educate the city centers that our stores occupy and selling our cleaner, local fuels and renewable energy in an effort to create an energy independent, stable economy for the people.

​RE+Fuel addresses a plethora of societal concerns including: the high cost of foreign petroleum dependence that perpetuates a wealth depleting economy; Poor air quality in metropolitan area from the same toxic oil; Transportation of GMO grown foods with pesticides, in a monoculture manner; The lack of moral values in society that is manipulated by marketing schemes; The damage from all the carbon in gasoline and DIEsel to an engine.